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Matt BaileyMatt is one of the most in-demand online marketing speakers in the world. Schedule him now for your conference, seminar, or in-house training.

Matt Bailey


As a presenter, Matt has a knack of communicating technical concepts in a simple way that people can understand and enjoy. By removing the intimidation and misunderstanding many people feel about Internet marketing, Matt brings inspiration and ideas to attendees. To businesses, he speaks both IT and Marketing, which allows for a new level of collaboration as these typically at-odds departments can finally see eye-to-eye about the corporate marketing strategy.


Matt is a presenter and teacher at heart. Since his days as a science museum intern, performing shows with the Tesla Coil, he has always created an engaging spark with audiences. In the earliest years of the Internet, Matt traveled around the country speaking at tourism seminars, teaching bed and breakfast owners how to market their websites more effectively. Now, he speaks to crowds of hundreds and thousands of business owners, marketers, and web developers around the world. And they agree: Matt successfully dismantles the intimidation of online marketing.

Matt is a regularly featured speaker for Search Engine Strategies. He speaks around the world at their conferences and training seminars and presents on website usability, search engine optimization, analytics, and site architecture.

Matt is also the Direct Marketing Association’s presenter for the Website Marketing Seminar, offered throughout the year. He serves as content director for the Search Engine Optimization Training and Certification programs.

Throughout the year, Matt presents custom in-house training seminars for companies seeking to improve their website marketing strategies. E-commerce companies, B2B’s, and publishers have all benefited from Matt’s plain-spoken, humorous and no-nonsense approach.


Matt has more than 15 presentations on a range of business and Internet marketing topics available for your next event or training seminar. Presentations can also be customized for your business or organization.  His presentations include:

Digital Marketing Topics

10 “Old Fashioned” Sales Techniques – That Work Wonders Online
Most people believe that the Internet has changed all the rules of sales and marketing. “Not true,” says Matt. Principles of selling and persuasion are the same as always, they simply need to be translated to a new medium.In this presentation, Matt explains how standard business practices of selling, marketing, and networking are the same online as they are offline. Businesses learn how to improve both online and offline selling by realizing some of the oldest wisdom in the sales book.

In order to market better in the future, look to the past.

Reaching The Digital Consumer
How do people spend their time online?  and how can you reach them effectively?
This session focuses on understanding the digital consumer and their tendencies and responsiveness to online marketing through different channels; email, search engines, social media and news.

Digital Marketing: Are you Doing the Right Thing, in the Right Place, to Reach the Right Person?
Marshall McLuhan made the famous statement; “the medium is the message.”  At that time, there were 4, maybe 5 mediums.  Today, there are hundreds of mediums to communicate your message.  The digital revolution has increased the number of ways that you can reach your customer, but are you reaching the right way, through the right channel with the right message?

This session develops the mentality that consumers use when approaching different tasks and activities online, and how your business can target an effective campaign to get the best return.

STOP Wasting Time and Money on Social Media
How much time and money should i spend on Social Media, and what can I expect?  Those are the two consistent questions businesses ask about social media.  Feeling pressured to so something, many businesses embark on implementing social media tactics, without first establishing a clear strategy and expectations.  This session provides clear information to those needing to develop a clear strategy and measure the results.

Search Engine Marketing Made Easy
Search engine marketing is the only marketing where consumers find you when they want you – at the point of their need.  Search Marketing is one of the highest ROI forms of marketing and provides insights into your market unlike any other form of marketing.  However, it is a commitment, but one that will provide valuable insights into the rest of your marketing, which will improve your business.

5 Steps to Effective Analytics
Analytics is one of the highest ROI activities that you can develop for your digital marketing.  The insights and information from analytics provide specific direction on areas of improvement, ROI from marketing channels, and visitor insights beyond market research.

Unfortunately, many companies are locked into the traditional methods of reporting unique visitors, page views and time on site, and no ROI is ever realized.  Marketers become paralyzed when they look at the analytics dashboard and wonder what information is important, or even which information should be reported?

5 Methods to Successful Online Marketing.

  1. Build it
  2. Sell it
  3. Link it
  4. Market it
  5. Measure it

Using these five clear principles, Matt unlocks the mysteries of search engines, searcher behavior and marketing online. Avoid the 5 obstacles that stop search engines in their tracks and learn:

  • 6 steps to capture the visitor’s attention
  • 8 ways to make your site irresistible for linking
  • 5 ways to get involved in your online market
  • and 8 reports that will make your web marketing strategy shine.

Matt completes the seminar with the 5 best methods of increasing sales, leads, and page views and exceeding your marketing goals.

Website Analytics: Basic Training
This is the highest rated session at seminars where Matt presents. Matt explains how to understand your website statistics by analyzing Star Trek. Using the 3 C’s of analytics—context, comparison and contrast—he makes sense of website statistics and gives attendees eight reports that will result in immediate return from their websites, making them look like Internet geniuses.


Keynote Topics:

The Power of Words
Words are valuable. Words drive decisions. Words carry meaning. Something as simple as a word can increase your effectiveness at communication; or it can offend and diminish your ability to lead, manage or persuade.

We use words in conversation, management, marketing and emails, yet we are unaware of the power that we have with people by the words that we choose. Enhance your ability to communicate, lead and persuade by developing an understanding of words.

Questions: The Key to Knowledge
There is such thing as a dumb question! It is the one not asked.
It is not the lack of knowledge that we face, but the inability to ask the right questions to get the knowledge we need. You can increase your ability to lead, sell, persuade, love and communicate by increasing your ability to ask the right questions.

Overcome the Fear of Digital Marketing
Trying to get a grasp on internet marketing but not sure where to start? This session provides a humorous, yet clear picture for employees, businesses or business owners needing to evolve into the digital marketing world, but hesitant to take the steps.  The world of internet marketing is broken down into simple concepts, joined together with context, and specific advice that will help attendees match particular strategies with their strengths.



  • Matt’s presentations range from 45-90 minutes
  • Keynote speeches are prepared specifically for the engagement
  • Training or breakout sessions are 2 hours to 2 days and customized specifically for your company or organization
  • Matt travels from Canton, Ohio, USA
  • For fees and inquiries, complete this form, or call SiteLogic at 330-445-2890