Clicks, Conversions and Costs


What are you measuring? In the sessions I teach around the US and around the world, I find that people have been programmed to think in terms of clicks.  Clicks, [...]

Clicks, Conversions and Costs2021-12-17T18:24:14-05:00

The Worst Chart I’ve Ever Seen


Are You Suffering from Bad Data? A few months ago, a client sent me a report that they were getting from a vendor.  Their request was that I "interpret" the [...]

The Worst Chart I’ve Ever Seen2021-12-17T18:31:40-05:00

Caveman Analytics


I couldn’t believe it when i saw it, but here it was. A national retailer sent me the analytics reports that their SEO company was giving them. In exchange for [...]

Caveman Analytics2021-12-17T18:59:35-05:00

Color, Contrast and Text Size


3 of the most important elements in designing the content of a webpage are color, contrast and font size. These three elements are amazingly useful when used properly, and mean [...]

Color, Contrast and Text Size2021-12-17T19:01:56-05:00

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day


Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day This exciting project was the work of over 14 months of research and development for presenting a start-to-finish guide to internet marketing. The book [...]

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day2021-12-17T19:02:42-05:00
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