What Happened to Google Ads?

New advertisers signing up for Google Ads search ads are being treated to a “training wheel” experience, according to Matt.  Matt and Ashley look at the sign-up and set-up process through the eyes of a new advertiser and find too many areas where the instructions are unclear, incomplete, or simply unavailable.

These new “Smart Campaigns” may cost advertisers more money than they are worth, as they remove many of the management tools that enable advertisers to match keywords and perform more advanced account management.  In order to get access to limited tools, new advertisers must find and select “Expert Mode” which still doesn’t provide the reporting and management features that those with legacy accounts enjoy.

So why are new advertisers being forced into this format?  It has everything to do with Google’s machine learning.  To start their Smart Campaign, advertisers must allow Google to make changes to their ad headlines, ad copy, keywords, and keyword matching. Google is striving to make the ad experience purely automated, but it doesn’t seem ready for prime time just yet.

Featured Guest:

Ashley Schweigert

Ashley Schweigert

Marketing Communications Consultant

LinkedIn profile: Ashley G. Schweigert | LinkedIn

Website: Marcom Content by Ashley

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Before you launch a Smart Campaign, here’s what you have to agree to:

Google Ads Terms

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