email-marketingIn this series we will be identifying some of the biggest questions and concerns associated with email marketing. From finding the right vendor to understanding how people read emails, we will be diving into it all to help you make your email marketing efforts more successful and profitable. Now that you’ve picked the right vendor, constructed a plan of action, considered the overall design of your email, and thought about designing it for mobile, it’s time to look at the final part of our series and talk about landing page optimization.

Landing Page Optimization

You take the time to write good copy, you come up with a great subject line and promote an offer, you use eye-catching images and a slick design. Now what? Now it’s time to reel them in with a great landing page. Ultimately, we really want to bring people to our website after viewing an email and that’s why quality landing page optimization is key.


  • A clear and concise headline is critical.
  • Sum up your offer as clearly as possible.

Hidden Navigation

  • De-emphasize or hide any top and side navigation bars from that page (if possible).
  • Don’t try to send them to another page on your site, simply provide them with a seamless way to retrieve the information.


  • Below your main headline, consider using a subheader to provide a little bit of information about the benefits of your offer 
(your landing page’s value proposition).
  • Every piece of your page is a possible conversion point (Why is this offer valuable to your visitor?).
  • Nurture leads with social media.


  • Use the rest of the text on your landing page to clearly and simply explain the value of your offer.
  • Use bullet points to demonstrate concrete takeaways, break up large blocks of text, and keep your copy brief and to-the-point.


  • Include a relevant image on your landing page. Try to match that image with the offer.
    (For example, if you’re offering an ebook or a webinar, show a cover of the ebook or a screenshot of the webinar’s presentation cover slide)

Lead-Capture Form

  • What converts those visitors into precious sales leads.
  • Only ask for information you need from your leads in order to effectively follow up with and/or qualify them.

Take the Quiz

Here is a great little checklist to use when creating landing pages:



Source: HubSpot – How to Optimize Landing Pages for Conversions