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Podcast: “Marketing Plans”

50% of business owners do not have a marketing plan for 2019!

By nature, the majority of business owners are not marketers. As such, many see taking time to think about marketing the same as going to the dentist. In a recent study, 86% of business owners prefer to spend their time on activities other than marketing!

This shouldn’t be a surprise. Marketing has not only gotten more complex, it also has a different language. To market a business online requires a higher level of knowledge now than ever before. Dozens of options, channels and measurements are thrown around, but where can a business owner get sensible, understandable information to make a plan?

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

Of course, marketing plans go out the window when stuff hit’s the fan. As boxer Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.”  When things get tight, busy, or stressful, the plan goes out the window and people rely on their intuition.

Ashley Schweigert joins Matt to talk about the importance of planning your marketing. Matt & Ashley break down the most important elements of marketing and how business owners can approach marketing with the least amount of pain possible.

To make sense of digital marketing, check out Matt’s book, Teach New Dogs Old Tricks. Matt breaks down digital marketing into plain language and understandable concepts.

Book: Teach New Dogs Old Tricks

About the Author:

Matt has taught Google employees how to understand and use Google Analytics, consulted with Experian on how to present data, developed online marketing training for both Proctor and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson and presented analytics methodologies to Disney, ABC & ESPN. As founder of SiteLogic, Matt teaches marketers how to create measurable and profitable strategic marketing plans.

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