The Elusive Reader


People do not read online content. Nearly every study since the dawn of the browser has shown the same thing, people do not read your website.  However, that is [...]

The Elusive Reader2024-03-19T16:05:38-04:00

Color, Contrast and Text Size


3 of the most important elements in designing the content of a webpage are color, contrast and font size. These three elements are amazingly useful when used properly, and mean [...]

Color, Contrast and Text Size2021-12-17T19:01:56-05:00

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day


Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day This exciting project was the work of over 14 months of research and development for presenting a start-to-finish guide to internet marketing. The book [...]

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day2024-03-19T17:05:57-04:00

The Myth of “Technically Accessible”


This has been stewing for a while. Just brimming under the surface. An brewing anger towards companies that do not understand accessibility, nor the commitment that is required to be [...]

The Myth of “Technically Accessible”2021-12-17T20:06:58-05:00
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