Usability & Analytics

My brother Ben joins me again to talk about analytics, testing and usability. I ask Ben to provide specific “where to start” advice for anyone wishing to improve their business through user experience. You may be surprised to find that as an analyst, Ben starts with usability!

We discuss analytics to start, but we move quickly into the areas of user testing. We talk about low-cost, highly efficient methods to improve the website experience, increase conversions and find problems. The point Ben makes is that most testing does not have to start with analytics, rather it should start by simply working through the website and discovering problems.

Of course, we relate plenty of our examples from working together and talk about how the simplest tests provided the greatest amount of results. Those companies didn’t need data scientists or Big Data, rather they simply needed to see the experience from the user’s point of view. Doing so, drastically increased their revenue.

Steps to Take for Your Testing

Finally, we leave you with practical steps to take for testing your own business’ website. Our infamous “Mom Test,” task-based user testing and gathering data are explained for you.

As always – thank you so much for listening! Please drop is a line if you have found the podcast to be helpful, inspiring or if we have simply provided a bit of valuable info.

Featured Guest:

Ben Bailey

LinkedIn: Ben Bailey | LinkedIn

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