Usable Expectations

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As Kim and Matt agree, the simplest changes to a website can make the biggest impact in your business. Of course, it is all about knowing which changes to make. That is where Kim’s experience in Human Factors enables her to find the problems that website designers, owners and marketers will often overlook.

They discuss multiple factors that both inhibit visitors from a successful visit, and the factors that increase your effectiveness. You may be surprised at some of the simplest things you can do to improve your business online. We’re sure that you may find dozens of tips in this episode.

Technical Notes:

Once you think you have things worked out with microphones, stands, recording interfaces….well, things change. Welcome to podcasting. I’m still working out the set-up with two new microphones and the banging you’ll hear in this podcast was from us tapping the desk when we made a point. Unfortunately, the microphone picked it up and amplified it.  So, the mix is a bit “tinny” but it eliminates the big booms that might come across the podcast.


Featured Guest:

Kim Krause-Berg

LinkedIn: Kim Krause-Berg | LinkedIn

Website: Kim Krause-Berg | Website

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