Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #30: “What Are the Marketing Skills of the Future?


Michael Stebbins, Chairman of OMCP, joins Matt to discuss the skills marketers will need in the Age of Automation. Michael brings data from the 2019 OMCP Role Delineation Study conducted earlier this year, as well as interviews with hiring managers. Though the study is not published yet, the finding support the trends that Matt sees in the field: Soft Skills are increasingly in demand!

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #30: “What Are the Marketing Skills of the Future?2021-08-03T17:04:41-04:00

Marketing Mix 8-29-2013


Recommended Books Here is a book that I will heartily recommend for anyone who is operating an eCommerce site - or thinking about operating an eCommerce site.  Managers and entrepreneurs [...]

Marketing Mix 8-29-20132021-12-16T23:09:18-05:00

What is the Real Need?


Relying on Old Sales Wisdom I love reading old sales training books. I find that the practical wisdom in them is a refreshing change from much of today's glib thoughts [...]

What is the Real Need?2022-01-29T19:27:38-05:00
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