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Website Marketing Training

Training is essential to the web site marketing process. Many businesses have the capabilities to manage and improve their online marketing, but just need instruction and guidance on how to make it a part of their own process. Creating a corporate culture that understands the impact of website marketing management will enable companies to take control of their websites and harness their marketing potential.

Recognized Marketing Speaker & Trainer

As one of the highest rated speakers in conferences around the world, Matt Bailey can bring excitement and education to your company or organization. Matt has been training businesses about online marketing since the early 1990′s, and has an amazing track record of success.

Corporate Marketing Training Experience

Proctor & Gamble, Google, American Greetings, ADC, HP, Johnson & Johnson, have been the recipient of Matt’s training and have supported his training abilities with rave reviews and recommendations.

Educational Marketing Training

Matt is a trainer for the Direct Marketing Association’s 2-Day Digital Marketing Course. He also teaches the Digital Marketing Mini-MBA at Rutgers University. He is currently chairing a course on analytics for the Rutgers School of Management Development.

More than speaking; practical strategy

SiteLogic will create a corporate workshop, depending upon your needs. This workshop can be used to instruct one department or multiple departments on internet marketing, website development, management, promotion, optimization, analytics or social media.

The training and instruction is based on your company’s website and those of your competitors. This in-house training will be tailored specifically to your company and website, rather than a generalized presentation. By learning from elements that are already familiar to your company, both the learning and retention will increase, resulting in more effective education within your company.

In-House Training Marketing Keynote Speaker
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What others are saying…

“Matt is a premier online marketing professional. There’s a short list of true experts in the online field. Matt is one of those key people. He has vast expertise in search engine marketing, social media optimization, usability and overall online marketing. More impressive than his knowledge is his personal charisma when speaking in front of large audiences. Matt’s dynamic style and deep command of his material makes him an effective presenter and consultant.”
Chris Caputo, Online Marketing Director, American Greetings

“Matt is a star. Constantly rated as one of our top presenters at Search Engine Strategies, Matt approaches every assignment with real vigour. He never fails to deliver & is also great company in the bars after a show.”
Rory Brown, Managing Director, Incisive Media

“I can’t say enough good things about Matt Bailey. He possesses a deep knowledge of web analytics as it pertains to search and, more importantly, he knows how to turn web data into actionable information. His presentations are fun and informative and he never fails to leave his audience with more knowledge than when they came in.”
Allison Fabella, SEO Director, The Atlanta Constitution Journal

“Extremely informative & fun.”
L. Casenheiser, Goodyear

“I thoroughly enjoyed the … content and approach (and sense of humor).  I’ve already passed [SiteLogic] along as a must to several people at Dow Jones.  …well worth the money.”
T. Lavoie, Dow Jones Company

“Matt’s dynamic presentation on site analytics reveals the fascinating relationship between search metrics and the psychology driving search behavior. He merges and marries deep data analysis with SEO philosophy resulting in actionable and applicable strategies. Brilliant!”
Liza Tewell; REI Online Editor, ‘olelo Kama’ilio

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