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OMCP Certified Trainer

OMCP is the Online Marketing Certified Professional designation.  It is certifies that educators and instructors have met stringent testing and approval of their knowledge, skills and demonstrated abilities.

Matt is not only an OMCP approved trainer, but is also a standards and competency contributor since the inception of the OMCP.

Readiness Testing maps your Training Needs

For your company’s training, Employee competency standards can be measured effectively and to industry standards with readiness testing. This will provide clear assessment of the skills and abilities of your marketing team and map the required training.

Readiness Test Scoring – Individual & Team

Post-Training Measurement & Assessments

What was the deliverable after your last training? Was there a measurable standard of results?

Matt employs the OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate) and the OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) exams as post-training evaluations that will prove the effectiveness of the training.

After your training, Matt offers a number of post-training options:

  • Readiness exam
  • OMCP or OMCP Practice Exam
  • OMCA or OMCP Certification exam

Need to know more about OMCP competencies and standards?

Matt can provide a pre-assessment Readiness Exam for you and your team. Qualified Team Managers can access exam vouchers as a courtesy.

Readiness Exam

Application for Vouchers

What Clients Say

“Matt, I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding two-day seminar you presented last week. I have attended a ton of educational events and last week’s experience ranks in my top five. More amazingly, I had four employees who also thought the same thing!”
B Ryan, Ryan Group
“I am still telling people that the seminar was the best continuing education experience I’ve had.  You are an engaging presenter and the information was interesting and pertinent.”
B Bridge, Blue Cross Blue Shield
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