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Have You Tested Your Website?

Just because your website has been designed and launched does not mean it is meeting the needs of your audience. In fact, your website should never be done. It can always be improved. The key is not to make improvements based opinions, but on testing. Testing exposes the weaknesses of your site and provides immediate feedback about what changes need to be made. The beautiful part of website testing is that changes can result in immediate improvements in visitor numbers, conversions, sales leads and profits.

SiteLogic offers user-based testing designed to improve your business website:

  • Personal walk-through testing. Walk-through tests based on your target market.
  • Usability testing. Live observation testing of users on your website.
  • Task testing. Tests typical tasks that need to be performed on your site.
  • Accessibility testing. Ensure compliance and ease of use with screen readers, magnifiers, and assistive technology.

Website Usability

The worst thing you can do is nothing. Website usability can be as simple as getting a third party to review your site for obvious errors, or as detailed as setting up tests with programmed tasks, measured observation, task completion and analysis. Either way, usability testing can improve your website and your marketing.

Usability testing results in specific changes which create immediate improvements, many times affecting an increase in sales, leads or other important key indicators. Because visitors are using your site at all times, simple changes can quickly add up to profitable improvements.

Information Architecture

Developing an Information Architecture is similar to constructing the foundation of a building. It requires a measured approach to the development, foundation, and establishment of the content on your website and how it will be presented in a logical format to your visitors. If the foundation is not solid, the rest of the content and development of the site will lack an effective structure and presentation.

Find what you need. This is the most important task for a website’s visitor. Your website will never be successful if people cannot find what they are looking for. The structure of the website must be focused on the information you want your audience to find and guide them to conversion. Discover SiteLogic’s strategy to building an information architecture that suits the needs of your audience.

Website Accessibility

Building an accessible website does not mean running a site through an automated accessibility checker.  Although it is good to have a technically sound site, it is impossible to determine how usable it is to potential consumers simply by trusting a machine.

To ensure a website is usable and accessible, it must be tested (and approved!) by real people.  SiteLogic website marketing consultants work to test the accessibility level of your website to be sure that it can be navigated, understood and used by people regardless of vision, device or reading level.

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