My conversation with Michael Stebbins, founder of OMCP

This is the first of three podcasts with my friend Michael Stebbins, or “Silicon Valley Guy” as I tend to call him.  Mike and I go back many years in the digital marketing industry, and out paths converged years ago.  We both have a passion for teaching people, and Mike has pioneered multiple ways to do just that.

After his teaching company, MarketMotive, was acquired by SimpliLearn, Mike’s new passion is developing a standardized certification for digital marketing competencies.  Mike walks us through the difficulties of creating standards for a young industry, especially one that tends to be seen as the “wild west.”

If you can’t get enough of talk about Marketing Standards, the you’ll want to go over to Mike’s OMCP podcast, where he hosts short, information-packed episodes with industry experts.

You can find out more about OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) at The certification is being used for digital marketing curriculum at multiple universities, and multiple levels of certification is available for anyone who desires to take the test. In addition, many worldwide brands and Fortune 500 companies have hiring managers on the board off OMCP and consult on the training and certification standards.

Featured Guest:

Michael Stebbins

Marketer | Inventor | Entrepreneur

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