Scotland Tour

In this episode, Matt is on his “UK Tour.” One of the highlights of his time in the UK is taking the train north to Scotland and meeting up with one of his best friends in the business, Brian Mathers.

Brian is one of the most respected marketing voices in the Scottish business community. He regularly teaches seminars around the country and consults with businesses about their online marketing.

Brian spent over 20 years in the Royal Navy. He explains how he translates his knowledge and experiences of navigating submarines to navigating websites and businesses.

Just as an aside, the air conditioning in this venue was running a full blast. It makes the sound a bit sketchy, as it may sound like the building is ready to launch at a few points.

What’s in our cup? Brian is drinking tea (Earl Grey, hot), Matt is drinking the “conference coffee.”

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Featured Guest:

Brian Mathers

LinkedIn: Brian Mathers | LinkedIn

Personal Website: ICTADVISOR

Blog: OnlineXcellence