I’m waiting on a delayed flight to Chicago, heading to the DMA Catalog Conference this week.  It will be interesting as my first session is the first session of the week, bright and early Monday morning at 8:15.  Somehow, I’ll need to register and get my badge and find the room at the mighty McCormick Place.

If you are in the Chicago area this week, drop me a line, as a few of us will be out and about in the evenings.  I’m sure that a visit to Buddy Guys’s will be on the agenda.  It’s not a good visit to Chicago, unless a trip to BLUES, Kingston Mines or Buddy’s is involved, as far as I am concerned.

I’ll be speaking on SEO Boot Camp – a basic crash course on Search Engine Optimization, with a little heavy duty stuff thrown in like accessibility and keyword long tail concepts.  I’ve heard that the attendees are all over the board in their understanding of SEO, so we’ll see what happens.  For the rest of the conference, I’ll be doing site clinics for merchant sites and offering advice on improvement.

Fortunately, I am in an airport that offers free wi-fi.  Enough can’t be said about free wi-fi in airports . . .