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Matt has taught Google employees how to understand and use Google Analytics, consulted with Experian on how to present data, developed online marketing training for both Proctor and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson and presented analytics methodologies to Disney, ABC & ESPN. As founder of SiteLogic, Matt teaches marketers how to create measurable and profitable strategic marketing plans.
16 02, 2021

[Podcast] Email Isn’t Going Anywhere!


Email is the steady, reliable channel that marketers dismiss at their own risk. My Guest for this episode: Jeanne Jennings Website: Email Op Shop, Jeanne Jennings LinkedIn: Jeanne Jennings | LinkedIn Only Influencers Email is far from dead, dying, or going away. Despite bold pronouncements from industry experts, social media giants, and marketing insiders, Email has outlasted and outperformed every year. Even with the pandemic, email stats have grown, showing that a work-from-home population is tied to email more than ever. Email is the grand old lady of marketing, or "the rich old grandmother" [...]

[Podcast] Email Isn’t Going Anywhere!2021-02-16T21:16:17+00:00
2 02, 2021

[Podcast] Exploring Our Primal Brain


How Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioral Science Inform Our Choices and Behavior. In this episode: Tim Ash Website: Tim Ash LinkedIn: 🚀Tim Ash | LinkedIn Book: Unleash Your Primal Brain Matt Interviews Time Ash ahead of the release of his book, “Unleash Your Primal Brain.” Tim Ash is one of the industry’s leading experts on conversion optimization. He has used his education and background in Cognitive Science and Computer Engineering to distinguish his approach. Matt & Tim discuss how evolutionary psychology explains many of the behaviors that users exhibit, and how marketers can [...]

[Podcast] Exploring Our Primal Brain2021-02-16T20:36:47+00:00
19 01, 2021

[Podcast] #52: YouTube’s Secret Sauce


YouTube's Secret Sauce: How to Reach, Engage, and Enchant Audiences In this episode: Greg Jarboe CEO & Co-Founder, SEO-PR Greg @LinkedIn Why do Brands Struggle on YouTube? YouTube is dominated by creators, instructors, and seemingly everyday people. As opposed to major media platforms such as AppleTV, Netflix, Amazon, and others, YouTube has enabled people to create and develop content and find audiences around the world. How were creators able to grasp and develop this platform, while the brands lagged behind?  Even today, only a handful of brands create consistently good content on [...]

[Podcast] #52: YouTube’s Secret Sauce2021-01-19T19:32:17+00:00
5 01, 2021

[Podcast] #51: B2B Virtual Selling Skills Are Lacking


Exposed by the Pandemic, B2B Virtual Selling Skills Fall Short In large part, B2B sellers have not evolved their virtual selling skills.  A recent survey showed that the B2B virtual selling process is broken - but it is not because of the technology! Rather, when virtual presentations remove the sizzle, buyers don't see much substance. In the world of B2B sales, personality, charm, and instincts could rule the day and win customer's hearts and minds. However, when forced to move to virtual meetings and presentations, many salespeople have simply fallen flat.  Despite the challenges, the [...]

[Podcast] #51: B2B Virtual Selling Skills Are Lacking2021-08-03T17:02:36+00:00
22 12, 2020

[Podcast] #50: The Myth of Microtargeting


The Myth of Microtargeting Publishers moving to a contextual-only ad model are experiencing better sales and revenue. Will eliminating third-party cookies make the internet experience better? Dr. Augustine Fou returns to the podcast to explore recent events surrounding third-party cookies.  These cookies enable the ad-tech industry to programmatically pinpoint an audience by collecting massive amounts of customer data. But how effective is microtargeting based on this data? Early this year, Dutch publisher Nederlandse Publieke Omroep stopped using third-party cookies and went to contextual-only advertising on their network of websites.  In doing so, they saw a [...]

[Podcast] #50: The Myth of Microtargeting2021-07-26T18:12:19+00:00
8 12, 2020

[Podcast] #49 Fake News, Clickbait, and Digital Literacy


Fake News, ClickBait, and the Value of Conversation Nolan Higdon, the author of The Anatomy of Fake News, joins Matt again to talk about the post-election analysis of clickbait, fake news, and issues of digital literacy.  This conversation reaches into many related facets, such as critical thinking, content marketing, ad fraud, and logical fallacies. Conversation is the main topic.  The value of conversation, especially with those that may think differently, have different backgrounds and experiences, and what we can learn.   This not only applies to politics or social issues but business as well. Business media [...]

[Podcast] #49 Fake News, Clickbait, and Digital Literacy2021-06-21T23:20:16+00:00
24 11, 2020

[Podcast] #48 Free is Bad


Have you considered how much of your daily digital routine is FREE? Have you ever stopped to think about all of the “free” things that you use every day? Email, Search, Web Browsers, Social Media, Apps, News & Information? All of these things cost someone, and they have to be paid for somehow. Unfortunately, according to John Marshall’s new book, Free is Bad, you are paying for these services, just not in the traditional way.  What all of these “free” things have in common is that they are supported by the ad-tech system.  By using [...]

[Podcast] #48 Free is Bad2021-06-21T23:19:07+00:00
27 10, 2020

[Podcast] Are Marketers Ignoring the Impact of the Pandemic?


Marketing's Lack of Empathy in a Pandemic Where is the Real Empathy? Any number of marketing media articles are focused on the economics of the pandemic.  From spend estimates, sales estimates, and consumer psychology.  Especially as we head into the holiday season, we are being bombarded with news and advice about how to position, brand, and sell in these "unprecedented times." But where is the recognition and realization of the impact that this pandemic has held?  Where is the realization that people may not be ready to spend, or even not have the money to spend?  Granted, marketing's job [...]

[Podcast] Are Marketers Ignoring the Impact of the Pandemic?2021-06-21T23:17:17+00:00
13 10, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup #46: How to Spot FAKE News


How to Spot FAKE News and What to Do About It In this podcast, an interview with Nolan Higdon, author of The Anatomy of Fake News. Matt interviews Author Nolan Higdon about his recent book, The Anatomy of FAKE News: A Critical News Literacy Education. In a lively discussion, Nolan covers the historical roots of fake news (further back than you might imagine) and the features of fake news that make it so dangerous. Not only does the podcast examine the factors and developments of fake news, but we review aspects of Higdon’s detection kit [...]

Endless Coffee Cup #46: How to Spot FAKE News2021-06-21T23:15:36+00:00
28 09, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup #45: Searching for Keywords


Don't Overlook the Most Powerful Tool in Marketing: Keywords Keywords are the foundation for digital marketing. They provide in-depth marketing data of searcher intent, word associations, and buying factors. So why is this important tool so overlooked? And why is Google slowly taking keyword data away? Many believe that AI will replace the need for traditional keyword research, but that may be a short-sighted view of the purpose of keywords.   Keywords provide insight into the searcher’s mind and allow us to find critical insights such as intent, questions, and surrounding context. More than just for [...]

Endless Coffee Cup #45: Searching for Keywords2021-06-21T23:10:25+00:00
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