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Matt has taught Google employees how to understand and use Google Analytics, consulted with Experian on how to present data, developed online marketing training for both Proctor and Gamble and Johnson & Johnson and presented analytics methodologies to Disney, ABC & ESPN. As founder of SiteLogic, Matt teaches marketers how to create measurable and profitable strategic marketing plans.
10 06, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #41: The Need for Digital Literacy


The Need for Digital Literacy Skills Fake News, Deceptive Ads, Propaganda Matt and Ashley met up and recorded a socially-distanced podcast a few weeks ago.  Of course, the conversation turned to the overwhelming amount of fake news surrounding COVID-19.  But beyond fake news, there is a substantial problem in people’s ability to discern what is true and what is false information online.   In addition, meme culture creates, perpetuates, and reduces complex issues to binary choices. Many times, they break rules of logic and argumentation to further an agenda by inflaming the emotions of the audience. And [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #41: The Need for Digital Literacy2020-06-10T13:51:00+00:00
9 04, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #40: Effective Online Learning


What is Your Experience with Online Learning? What does it take to create an effective online training experience? Classes are moving online! But is that a good thing? Many are complaining that instructors don’t know how to use the technology, and it might be leaving a bad impression of online/distance learning. My guest in this episode is Dr Jennifer Summerville, an instructor for my master’s degree program in Instructional Design. Having been involved in online course development for over 20 years, she trains teachers and institutions how to develop and deliver online instruction. Right now, what [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #40: Effective Online Learning2020-04-09T15:38:00+00:00
2 04, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: Measuring the Effectiveness of Training


How do you measure the effectiveness of business training? Many people need to maintain hours to retain their certification and those hours have moved to online training.  Even more, virtual workshops, lectures and social distancing measures have increased as more people are forced to work from home. How does a training manager measure the effectiveness of their training? There are significant obstacles. Most notably competing priorities, lack of data, or simply not knowing where to start. Beyond that, what type of assessments should be used to show that the training was effective? It isn’t always possible [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast: Measuring the Effectiveness of Training2020-04-02T16:31:43+00:00
25 03, 2020

Podcast: Master Your Personal Presence Through Webcam


Master your personal impact, persuasiveness and presence though your webcam. Welcome to this "Sheltering in Place" edition of the Endless Coffee Cup Podcast. As the world events have forced us to do business through the internet, the only external personal interaction is through our webcams.  In this episode, Stewart Bewley joins Matt to talk about how we can master our personal presence through the webcam. As we are both on lockdown, we've decided to communicate regularly and provide specific tips and practices to help people communicate effectively. With some simple lighting and arranging of furniture to [...]

Podcast: Master Your Personal Presence Through Webcam2021-01-04T22:00:56+00:00
18 03, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup #37: Tap Into Neuromarketing


Tap Into Neuromarketing Did you know that there is a part of your brain that makes decisions quicker than your rational, logical thought? Your unconscious mind reacts quickly to stimulus, which then influences our reactions and rational thinking. Welcome to the world of neuromarketing! For years, advertisers have known and utilized techniques that tap into the unconscious mind faster and more effectively than traditional, rational approaches.  Chances are, you are swayed by neuromarketing techniques nearly every day, and you don’t even realize it. Matt and Ashley break down some of the more powerful neuromarketing techniques and [...]

Endless Coffee Cup #37: Tap Into Neuromarketing2021-01-04T21:58:54+00:00
20 02, 2020

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #36: Don’t Go Chasing Algorithms


Don't Go Chasing Algorithms "HELP! I’ve lost my rankings in Google! It must have been the new algorithm!" If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this from a panicked email or call….well, you know the story. The reality is that 99.9% of the time, anytime someone believed that their website was a victim of the latest algorithm change – it wasn’t the algorithm.  It was a technical problem with their website. In this episode, Matt and Ashley discuss Google’s latest major algorithm update, Algorithm Bert (Yes, Google updates have names – just like [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #36: Don’t Go Chasing Algorithms2021-01-04T21:51:25+00:00
13 12, 2019

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #35: Defining Content Marketing


What is Content Marketing – Really? Content marketing is a huge buzzword, but what it stands for really isn’t all that new. Strip away the buzz and you have attention-grabbing content. That’s it. As every piece of content, it’s about leveraging marketing channels in a smart and strategic way to make sure that content gets in front of the right people at the right time. So, what is content marketing truly at its core, and why is there so much hype? Get the inside scoop from Matt and Ashley as they discuss the following topics: How [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #35: Defining Content Marketing2021-01-04T21:43:38+00:00
5 09, 2019

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #34 – Investigating Influencer Marketing


Does Influencer Marketing live Up to the Hype? Influencer Marketing has become one of the latest shiny objects in marketing and popular culture, but does it deliver?  Matt and Ashley delve into this topic and provide examples of influencer marketing both done well and performed poorly. Matt and Ashley discuss the following topics: How should a business approach influencer marketing? How does it compare to other marketing channels? What does a good influencer arrangement look like? How do you find a suitable influencer? Should you even consider influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is [...]

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #34 – Investigating Influencer Marketing2021-01-04T21:36:43+00:00
30 07, 2019

6 Degrees of Lameness


Another day, another crop of terrible LinkedIn connection requests. Now don't get me wrong.  I love LinkedIn. But has LinkedIn become Tinder for business professionals? Every request seems to be a stale, uninspired attempt at making a sale. But let’s be serious, it isn’t even a real connection.

6 Degrees of Lameness2019-08-23T13:58:08+00:00
9 07, 2019

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #33: “Marketing Plans”


50% of business owners do not have a marketing plan for 2019! By nature, the majority of business owners are not marketers. As such, many see taking time to think about marketing the same as going to the dentist. In a recent study, 86% of business owners prefer to spend their time on activities other than marketing!

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast #33: “Marketing Plans”2020-10-07T17:26:14+00:00
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