How to Ask (Great) Questions

Questions Lead to Discovery.  Why Don’t We Ask More Questions?

Matt Bailey talks with linguist and educator, Norah Jones about the importance and value of learning to ask questions. Questions enable us to give voice to our curiosity and “tap into humanity.”

Unfortunately, in too many environments (home, school, corporate culture) we are discouraged from asking questions, as they delay meetings, challenge assumptions, or create additional work. Questions can be seen as disruptive or challenging, yet they create clearer definitions and enable different approaches to solve problems.

Give people permission to think. Train yourself and them to ask questions, and you’ll find an untapped source of innovation and imagination.

Featured Guest:

Norah Jones

Norah Jones

Educator, Linguist

LinkedIn profile: Norah Jones | LinkedIn

Website: Fluency Consulting

Podcast: It’s About Language

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