Primal Branding: An Interview with Patrick Hanlon

How Brands Build Passionate Fans

What is Primal Branding

Patrick Hanlon has consulted with the worlds biggest brands (including the UN) and he shares what all of the big brands have in common. Based largely on his book, Primal Branding, he shares the seven elements of a brand:

  1. creation story
  2. creed
  3. icons
  4. rituals
  5. sacred words
  6. nonbelievers
  7. leader

In this interview with Patrick, we break down the elements and how they work together as a system that can be developed, improved, measured and predictive. He explains how traditional marketing is broken and branding must bridge the emotional and rational part of our brain to be effective.

Listen in to hear how he applies this to job seekers. If you are one in a million, he outlines how you can stand out by applying the primal branding formula!

Show Notes:

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Patrick Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon

Patrick Hanlon, CEO and Founder of Thinktopia & Primal Branding

Primal Branding

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