The New Influencers:

More Celebrity than Authority?

Matt interviews Mark Schaefer about his recent article, “Emphasis on celebrity over authority is blowing up influencer strategy.”

Mark explains how influencers are made up of the top tier of celebrities, then the next tier of authorities or content experts. Finally, the “minor leagues” which is made up of aspiring influencers.

However, aspiring influencers are adept at curating their celebrity, but not their expertise or authority in any specific content.  Will this limit their commercial viability or the ability of an advertiser to find a relevant partner.

Another danger is the temptation to boost numbers and inflate popularity, which could come back to harm their future prospects. Advertisers, such as P&G have announced that they will not work with influencers who utilize bots or services to boost followers or engagement.

Featured Guest:

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

Speaker, Educator, & Author

LinkedIn profile: Mark Schaefer | LinkedIn


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