SiteLogic expanding into more training opportunities

This has been an extremely busy summer, and there has been no lack of productivity. In fact, things have really been heating up in a number of areas. SiteLogic’s commitment to training businesses in internet marketing has been significantly enhanced by creating relationships with a number of organizations.

Now You Know Media
Did you know that the average commute time in the US is 23 minutes? Did you also know that millions of hours a year are spent commuting by Americans? We’re busy people, but we seem to spend a lot of time sitting in one place. Now You Know Media

This is the focus audience of Now You Know Media, one of the most exciting businesses that I have had the pleasure of meeting. NYKM is focused on delivering life-enhancing teaching materials on CD. Targeted to commuters, each topic is 25 minutes long and provides a capsule of specific information, resulting in a 12-part series for each subject.

I was honored to be asked to provide the search engine optimization program for Now You Know Media. Delivering my sessions in 25-minute chapters in a recording studio was quite a challenge. Speaking in a recording studio made me realize how much I depend on seeing people and I use that as an indicator of where to take the session. After a few tries, I got the hang of it, and the time just flew by.

If you would like to pick up the series, you can order it at, and use the promotion code code: MB101 for a discount.

Now You Know Media is also running a blog which has been an amazing source of financial education and advice. I highly recommend adding it as one of your feeds.

The Direct Marketing Association
Believe it or not, I am having an amazing amount of fun working with The Direct Marketing Association. Getting closer to this organization has been rewarding, and not just in a profitable sense. It has been rewarding from a professional development standpoint. I enjoy the DMA conferences, as I am able to go from my session on Search Marketing and then listen to experts in Direct Mail, List Brokering, Graphic Design, or any other number of marketing-oriented subjects. Some days, it’s very nice to remember that online marketing is still a very small slice of the pie, and very helpful to hear the lessons that other industries have learned.

SEO Certification
I have accepted the position to direct the Search Marketing Certification program for the Direct Marketing Association. Right now, we are working to complete the Level 2 Certification, and then we will be re-addressing some of the sessions in Level 1. The goal of this certification is to provide the most up-to-date, in-depth curriculum for the participants. We also have some great plans for keeping the information fresh and also providing industry-specific search marketing tactics.

Website Marketing Seminars
I will also be working with the DMA to present a series of seminars on website development and marketing. The 2-day seminar will cover the “Big Picture” of website marketing in a clear, understandable format. The sessions are broken up into three parts: Built it, Market it, Measure It. The course is designed for anyone in or overseeing the website process; programmers, marketers, creatives, and mangers.

You can find more information about these exciting seminars here: