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Chapter 3: Are you Wowing or Being Wowed:

  • Understand & Diagnose Shiny Object Syndrome.
  • See how an Internal Marketing Mindset leads to success
  • See how an External Marketing Mindset misses the mark.
  • Avoid The Three Distracting Shiny Objects.
  • Understand and resist The Assumptive Promise.
  • Use context & data to your advantage.
  • Ask the Right Questions to get the right answers.

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Wired to be Wowed Reviews

“Matt Bailey has zeroed in on a nasty habit that plagues many companies today – the embrace of tactics and solutions before the development of clear strategies.”
Jeffrey Rohrs, VP, SalesForce
“Matt ignores digital and marketing jargon and teaches how to listen internally and externally to become a company customers want to do business with.”
Charles Prescott, Director, Direct Marketing Association

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