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Communicate Data with Stories


Let's face it. Don't Be Boring With Your Data! Charts, graphs and reports are not an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon meeting. They are the death blow [...]

Communicate Data with Stories2021-12-16T22:03:51-05:00

5 Semi-Pro Speaking Tips


Not one of "those" lists to improve your speaking. In the past few months, I've been seriously underwhelmed by the amount of articles online that claim to be full of [...]

5 Semi-Pro Speaking Tips2021-12-16T22:34:27-05:00

The Ability to Question with Authority


Cultural critics and wordsmiths gather around for this outstanding foray into verbal investigation. Have we lost our way when declaring ideas? Why has the declarative been exchanged for the [...]

The Ability to Question with Authority2021-12-17T20:18:00-05:00
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