Topics just seem to write themselves. Once I start done the branding pathway, content springs up all over the place. Much like you notice more VW’s on the road after you just bought one.

Here’s a funny mini-drama about the break up of a consumer and an advertiser. Much like the debate that goes on between branding (corporate objectives) and optimization (searcher objectives) this video goes to the heart of the problem – communication.

The businesses that are spending time communicating with people, getting involved in their communities, and offering dialogue rather than ad agency research are the ones that are rated highly by consumers. The businesses that rely on their legal and marketing departments to deliver carefully-crafted messages are the ones being rejected by the consumer community.

The internet has allowed consumers to have unparalleled transparency into businesses and most companies are feeling very vulnerable. That is – unless they are sticking their heads in the sand, and ignoring the conversation that is already taking place around them.

Bottom line – Do you know what your customers think of you?

Enjoy: The Break Up

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