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Not resolved, but deliberate.


Making Resolutions Deliberate Action With the new year comes an unending stream of articles on making resolutions, keeping resolutions, breaking resolutions and the "good intentions" of people to [...]

Not resolved, but deliberate.2021-12-16T22:39:54-05:00

The Elusive Reader


People do not read online content. Nearly every study since the dawn of the browser has shown the same thing, people do not read your website.  However, that is [...]

The Elusive Reader2024-03-19T16:05:38-04:00

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags


Remember in grade school when you had to write outlines for every paper you wrote? You had to turn those outlines in before you even started putting pen to paper, [...]

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags2021-12-17T16:07:42-05:00

Consistency and Clarity


If there is one thing I notice (too much), it is fonts. I love fonts. I love seeing the differences and subtle uniqueness.  Just a slight change in the "weight" [...]

Consistency and Clarity2022-01-29T20:50:10-05:00

What type of hosting does your business need?


Web hosting has long been a hot topic of discussion in the internet marketing world and with good reason. Hosting is the foundation of your site just as bricks and [...]

What type of hosting does your business need?2021-12-17T18:54:22-05:00

If Someone Wants To Talk About You, Encourage Them!


When it comes to blogging, I find myself on both sides of the coin. Here at SiteLogic, we heavily advocate blogging for business as a great customer service/link/traffic resource. We [...]

If Someone Wants To Talk About You, Encourage Them!2021-12-17T20:50:21-05:00

Make Your Website Content Explode


The importance of words Mao Tse-Tung understood the power of words when he wrote that “words are like little dynamite sticks in people’s minds . . . .” He was [...]

Make Your Website Content Explode2021-12-17T20:52:05-05:00
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