User Experience

The Lost Art of Sales


Search seems to be at the top of mind for companies and entrepreneurs that develop sites and expect the world to come, much like the proverbial mousetrap. Unfortunately, the best [...]

The Lost Art of Sales2024-03-19T17:09:20-04:00

Destructive User Testing with Rayco


Here at the World Headquarters of SiteLogic, I become the focus of some very destructive user testing. No, not website user testing – this is much more exciting, and makes [...]

Destructive User Testing with Rayco2017-08-25T14:36:10-04:00

Celebrate Usability!


Next Month, November 14, 2006 is World Usability Day. A day for celebrating those things that are easy to use and understand. A day to celebrate products that do not [...]

Celebrate Usability!2020-01-09T19:44:43-05:00
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