How Can You Be “Authentic” in Marketing?

Matt and Sue attempt to get a handle on the latest buzzword and break it down into how marketers should approach authenticity.

Does Authenticity mean accurate? Truthful? Caring? Personal? Let’s dig in to the meanings and implications of authenticity. However, this leads us into other areas of marketing and provides some honest introspection on what marketing really is, and what it attempts to do in persuading us to purchase products.

Yes, we’re going to get a bit cynical at times, as we are talking about the base elements of marketing and the methods of persuasion that billion-dollar multi-national corporations use to make their products “authentic.” And of course, we can learn from those! We can all become better consumers and marketers when we can evaluate the marketing promises that are being used to persuade us.

Matt and Sue are both drinking Matt’s favorite coffee: Tanzanian Peaberry.

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Featured Guest:

Sue Grabowski, CEO & Founder, Desidara

LinkedIn: Sue Grabowski | LinkedIn

Twitter: Sue Grabowski | Twitter

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