Marketing Sports

In this episode, Matt welcomes Jim Kadlecek to the show. Jim teaches Sports Marketing at Mount Union University and has been in the business of sports his entire career.

If you have ever been curious about sport is marketed off the field, then this show will be a treat! There is a significant difference in marketing a product that may do well, or may fail miserably. Sport is one of the only products that people are passionate about, regardless of the “success” of the product. So, how do you market a product like this?

Even more in-depth, Jim opens up the sports world and shows how the team operations and the profitability of a team comes down to the marketing of the franchise.  Even teams that don’t perform well on the field can be successful in reaching fans, selling seats and sponsorships.

Grab a cup of coffee and join Matt and Jim in this great discussion on Sports Marketing.

The coffee for this podcast is a Costa Rican Tarrazu

Featured Guest:

Jim Kadlecek

Director of Business Development-College Sports at CLEAR

LinkedIn: Jim Kadlecek | LinkedIn

Twitter: Jim Kadlecek | Twitter

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