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The Importance of Training

In this ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, how can you be sure that your team’s skills are optimal – or even unified?

As a business owner I learned a valuable lesson from managing my team. A recent graduate came into my office and claimed that his education was wasted! When I asked why he would say that, he explained: “They taught us how to code, how to design, how to do cool graphics – but they never taught us how to make money. And that’s all you think about for your clients!”

And that’s the bottom line: making money. All of the channels, social media, sharing, liking, writing – what does it all add up? Businesses need to know how to properly measure tactics, and be sure they align with a well-formed strategy.

I’ve been teaching businesses profit-based marketing principles since 1996. His experience as a first-generation search marketer provided him with a digital marketing background as he both ran a business while teaching others to do the same.

“Say that you have ten [employees]. Next year they will work a total of about twenty thousand hours for your organization. If your training efforts result in a 1 percent improvement in your subordinates’ performance, you company will gain the equivalent of two hundred hours of work as the result”

– Ben Horowitz,  Andreessen Horowitz Co-Founder

The bottom line. If the above quote is true, then what would a one percent improvement in performance do for your team, or your company?

Comments from Matt’s training evaluations:

  • “Unbelievably excellent!
  • “Great presenter. Engaged with the audience, energetic, dynamic and well-spoken, knowledgeable”
  • Very informative and chocked full of applications, ideas and insight into the digital advertising world”
  • Matt is an excellent presenter. The material was excellent and easy to understand.”
  • Training was well done and held my interest the whole time. You could see that Matt is very passionate about digital marketing.”
  • “Awesome, relevant and fun training due to great presenter!”
  • “Matt took a confusing and complicated subject and made it easier to understand with the examples.”
  • Excellent class! Instructor’s enthusiasm was contagious!”

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Matt provides clarity, logic and inspiration to the world’s largest brands. By developing a holistic presentation for all partners in the marketing process, Matt brings together each specialty to show how all disciplines are interrelated for online marketing success.
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Matt’s In-House Training Clients

“In a world of trivial taglines, meaningless marketing-speak, and unmeasurable noise-making tactics, Matt Bailey’s comprehensive guide to connecting online with real customers, on their level, with language, messages, and tactics they actually respond to, is like pure oxygen for your truth-deprived marketing brain. Matt knows what works, and how customers think. And he has the numbers to prove it.
A. Goodman, Page Zero Media
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