A Margin of Importance


Overwhelming Data Making sales is one thing, making money is another. In working with so many people over the year, it is wonderful to be a part of [...]

A Margin of Importance2021-12-16T22:41:57-05:00

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags


Remember in grade school when you had to write outlines for every paper you wrote? You had to turn those outlines in before you even started putting pen to paper, [...]

SEO & Grade School Basics: Setting up Heading Tags2021-12-17T16:07:42-05:00

Clicks, Conversions and Costs


What are you measuring? In the sessions I teach around the US and around the world, I find that people have been programmed to think in terms of clicks.  Clicks, [...]

Clicks, Conversions and Costs2021-12-17T18:24:14-05:00

Caveman Analytics


I couldn’t believe it when i saw it, but here it was. A national retailer sent me the analytics reports that their SEO company was giving them. In exchange for [...]

Caveman Analytics2021-12-17T18:59:35-05:00

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day


Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day This exciting project was the work of over 14 months of research and development for presenting a start-to-finish guide to internet marketing. The book [...]

Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day2021-12-17T19:02:42-05:00
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